Meet Martin Bressem

Meet Martin Bressem
The Discount Real Estate Agent

Martin Bressem obtained his CA real estate license in 1992. Right away he noticed
there was a need to help home sellers save money when selling their homes.
He went to the brokerage he was working for at that time and asked
if he could help home sellers by offering discounted commissions.
The broker said NO and went on to explain that real estate
brokerages have high fees associated with their brands.
For example, we pay franchise fees, advertising fees, management fees,
leasing office fees, corporate fees, etc.
Having these kind of expenses does NOT allow us to let our Realtors offer low commissions.

At that moment he decided to get a brokers license and start his own brokerage so
he could help home sellers save money on commissions. In 1994 Martin Bressem earned his brokers license and started his own brokerage offering home sellers low commission rates.

As you can now see being a broker, in conjunction with keeping the overhead low
enables Martin Bressem The Discount Real Estate Agent to pass the savings on to you.

We Make It Easy To Sell Your Home
And Save Thousands Of Dollars on Commission!
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